Compliance Training Program

Grambling State University (GSU) is committed to pursuing its academic mission in compliance with established federal, state and local rules, regulations, policies and procedures. By ensuring compliance, not only does our institution become a safer, more hospitable place to work and learn, but we also lower the risk of being financially penalized. Annual and new-hire compliance training is a critical component of the GSU Compliance Training Program (Policy #53017) and provides basic information about laws, regulations, policies and procedures, which all employees must comply. This includes full- time and part-time employees, student workers and research/teaching assistants.

In order to meet state and federal requirements as well as University policy, GSU employees are required to take annual online compliance training on specific topics.

A full listing of the training requirements for all employee categories can be found in theEmployee Training Toolkits section of the HR webpage and on the University  Training  &  Professional Development Calendar.

Employees are required to take compliance training:

  • when first hired (new hire training must be completed within 30 days of hire).
  • once a year (refresher/annual training).
  • with a change in job duties (only if new job duties/department warrants additional training).
  • when a change in the regulations has occurred.

Grambling State University delivers compliance training online via the  Louisiana Employees Online (LEO) training portal (Screenshot 1).

Screenshot 1-LEO Training Portal To access this system requires use of your assigned

ISIS Personnel Number:


If you need in-person assistance with LEO training, 2016 session information is listed below.

The Information Technology Training Center, Jacob T. Stewart, Room 139, will be available for:

  1. Employees having software issues
  2. Employees needing assistance
  3. Employees that don’t have access to a computer/internet
  4. Employees having problems/log in/completing the mandatory compliance LEO Courses

G.S.U. Employee Compliance in the ITC Training Center

  • October 19th
  • November 15th
  • December 13th
    Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

How to Register for In-Person Assistance with LEO Training

  1. Go to
  2. Login to Banner Web
  3. Click on Training Center (Faculty/Staff Only) Link
  4. Click on ITTC User Registration Link
  5. Complete Registration at top
  6. Select Training Session
  7. Click Submit

Screenshot 2-Training Transcript If you have already completed your 2016 Compliance Training courses, as confirmation of completion, please print two (2) copies of your Training Transcript*, by clicking on the “Training Transcript” link located on your “My Training” page within LEO (Screenshot 2). A copy should be retained for your records and another copy placed on file within your department.



  1. If you have notcompleted your 2016 Compliance Training courses, login to BannerWeb and click on the “Employee Information” (Screenshot 3) link.
    Screenshot 3-Employee Information Link
  2. Follow the Employment Information link thru to the next screen and locate the “ISIS Personnel ID link”, in the Employee Menu (Screenshot 4). Click this link to view your ID number. Use that number to login to the  LEO Training Portal (Screenshot 1)
    Screenshot 4-ISIS Personnel ID Link
  3. Once you have gained access to the LEO Training Portal, the first screen you see will have your name in the upper left corner with a “My Training” and “My Work” tab beneath your name. Click on the “My Training” (Screenshot 5) tab to book the required courses.
    Screenshot 5-Welcome Employee Page (My Training Link)
  4. To book your compliance courses, on the My Training page under the Training tab, locate the “Frequently Booked Courses” (Screenshot 6) link menu and click on “Ethics”, “Blood Borne Pathogens”, or “Preventing Sexual Harassment”.
    Screenshot 6-Frequently Booked Courses
  5. Once you have selected your course. Click “Book this course” to add it to your course listing. A message box will appear asking if you want to book the course, select “yes”. You may then either go back and follow the same steps for the next compliance course, or click on the course link and then “Start Course Now”(Screenshot 7) to begin the course. If unable to complete the course during one session, you will have the option of “resuming where you left off” at a later time.
    Screenshot 7
    Note: The interactive courses take a few minutes to load--please be patient. The system is usually more responsive during early mornings and late evenings and it is available 24/7.
  6. Upon completion of each course, a screen with a certificate should appear with your name on it. Print at least two (2) copies of each certificate* for documentation of completion.

    *You may either use copies of the certificates or a copy of the “Training Transcript” for your records and placement on file in your department. Note: It may take up to 24 hours for completed courses to appear on your Training Transcript.

As members of the University community we share in the responsibility of maintaining ethical conduct and integrity in the workplace and completion of the required training is an integral part of the success of our fine institution. Thanks in advance for your adherence to this request. For questions regarding compliance training, technical challenges related to use of the LEO system, or other professional training related matters, email Mrs. Tanika Whitley. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response.

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